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I wish to pay a debt - How can I do so that I can still meet other financial obligations?
Posted by David Theodorou on 15 March 2018 11:56 am

Ezi Debt Collection works with suppliers to provide options to debtors in order to pay their debts over time should the necessity exist. When suppliers sign up to use our platform, they give us the explicit ability to arrange these matters with you on their behalf. We offer a range of payment options, but opt for at least a $125.00/month minimum. This ensures our suppliers get paid at least something over a period of time.

If you set up one of these arrangements, this implicitly commits you to the payment of the debt, and also commits you to ensuring that you:

  1. Have credits available of the card to manage the schedule of transactions that have been sent to you
  2. Keep us up to date of any changes to your credit card that might occur as a result of expiry/theft or loss of card

Should we ever experience a failure in the transaction - you could be up for penalties, so the best way to avoid this from occurring is to just let us know in advance. Regardless, we will be in contact to let you know of the occurrence and give you some time to remedy the situation before we look at starting collection activities again.

If you do need to speak to us about organising a payment arrangement, or you wish to look at a more lenient payment arrangement, please contact us on 1300 485 228 to speak to one of our friendly staff.